AQUA Musica - Klassisk jazz, visor och sån´t till underhållning och dans.

About us

Aqua Musica is an Enterprise to provide Music for Concerts and entertainement to Clubs, business events, parties etc. We do also provide solemn jazz Music for funerals

Hans Nyman is a double bass player and is the founder and manager of the Enterprise. He also plays in all bands we offer.

Our main bands are a trio "H2O"playing swing, classic jazz and folk Music, the Jelly Babies Jazz Band  a 9 piece band  playing swing and Classic jazz, "Lousiana Dixie Kings" a 7 piece band playing Dixieland jazz and "Five for You" a 5 piece band playing Django Reinard inspired jazz.

 The Jelly Babies Jazz Band is a 9 piece band including a vocalist or crooner but is also offered as a quartett, quintett, sextett or octett dependent on requirements.
All members are well known Swedish .jazz musicians from a variety of mainly Stockholm jazz bands some as far back as from the 1950th.

Program in 2018

For our programs in Sweden, please see under "om oss".

For the year we have so far no plans for a foreign tour.
If you have an interest in us coming for Concerts, please contact me at 

The Bands and members

H2O:   Hasse Sporre          Clarinet
                  Jacob Ullberger     Banjo/Guitar
                  Hans Nyman           Double Bass

Jelly Babies:
Listen to the Band on YouTube by searching for:
1. Jelly Babies Jazz Band Sweden
2. Jelly Babies Jazz Band at Cafe Jazz, Cardiff 25th October 2016
3. Jelly Babies Jazz Band at Cafe Jazz, Sandringham Hotel

Members of the band:
                    Rolf Ekelund                             Trumpet
                    Hasse Sporre                              Clarinet
                    Ulf Dreber                                  Soprano Saxophone
                    Kaj Sifvert                                    Trombone
                    Pelle Larsson                               Piano
                    Claes Grönberg                           Banjo
                    Hans Nyman                               Double Bass
                    Per Lilliehöök                             Drums
                    Per-Arne Lindholm                 Vocalist and Crooner

Lousiana Dixie Kings

                     Hasse Sporre:                             Clarinett
                     Göran Holmberg:                      Trombone
                     Karl Bång:                                     Trumpet och vocal
                     Claes Grönberg:                         Banjo
                     Håkan Åkerstedt:                      Piano
                     Hans Nyman:                               Double Bass
                     Per Lilliehöök:                            Drums

Five for you

                     Martin Hultén:                       Solo Guitar
                     Ola Pålsson:                             Cornett
                     Ulf Dreber:                              Soprano Saxophone
                     Svante Nyman:                        Guitar
                     Hans Nyman:                           Double Bass

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